Atomic clocks whilst Pandora boxes

Pandora's Boxes

Pandora in her golden glasses holds the key to unlocking her boxes. Do the glasses mean that she is blinded to what is inside or to protect her from it? The sharp corners of the boxes are in contrast with the African inspired Pandora figure. The glasses are decorated in gold lustre.

In the partner piece, Finishing Line , the tired figure on her 1970’s Space Hopper has finished her happy journey.



These Sci Fi clocks were inspired by old  films.  Atomic bomb flumes decorate the tops of these countdown clocks which stand on top of distressed  the metal supports.



Weighed down

Weighed down, this  trans-sexual lion tells of society’s elastic and ever changing sexual identities. The lion was chosen as an ancient symbol of grandeur and cultural significance whilst the female and male genitalia tell a more modern story of confusion about our identity and place in the world.  The figure is elegantly made in stoneware clay and stained with black oxide to emphasise the rugged mane and indentations on the clasp around its paw.  A simple brass chain holds the animal down to the heavy ball on the ground. One feels immense sympathy with this kindly figure weighed down by society’s expectations.